Spotify stops working after a longer pause


Spotify stops working after a longer pause

Casual Listener







HP EliteBook 850 G3

Operating System

Windows 7 Enterprise, SP1

Running Spotify as a desktop application


My Question or Issue

 My spotify app is acting up every time it's paused and left alone for a while.

When I boot up, I start Spotify manually and it works - I can listen to music just fine. Then at the end of the day, I stop/pause the music, lock my computer for the night and return the next day and try to resume playback but nothing happens. The play-button can be clicked but nothing happens. Sometimes the track lenght counter (if you can call it that) starts to count forwards but there is still no audio. Clicking pause and play repeatedly does nothing. 


To get it going again, I have to close the application from the "X" and then force the application to close from the windows task manager. And in the task manager, under "Applications" there is no Spotify-icon but in the "Processes"-tab there are three "Spotify.exe *32" processes running (see attachement). I have to kill all of them to be able to restart the application again.


Please note that at no point do I close the Spotify application, log out from my computer or set it to rest mode etc. I simply leave the application running and lock the computer. The laptop is resting on a dock with constant power so it never turns off and never goes into sleep or hibernation. Only the screen turns off.


Thanks for helping out.

spotify processes.png
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