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Spotify turns off on Sleep mode (SP4)

Spotify turns off on Sleep mode (SP4)



This is a really annoying issue.

When the screen goes to sleep -- by closing the cover, pressing the power button or, the most common one, after a few minutes as defined in the power saving settings -- Spotify stops playing.


Now I understand that there are several workarounds as documented on the web if you search for this issue. However, I've defined the power saving settings for a reason and won't compromise battery life by changing them when the power is not connected.

I've also tried all the suggested fixes related to Windows 10 to no avail. Given that Groove works just fine with the screen off, this is a Spotify issue that needs to be solved.


I'm currently using a Surface Pro 4, was using the desktop application, but changed it for the windows store one to see if it would solve the problem. Current version (Windows Store version).


I kindly await a fix to this issue and thank you for taking the time to verify it.

3 Replies

As an add on to this, I'm also wondering what changed recently. I play Spotify (Premium) on my MacBook Air, and it always used to keep playing when my computer went to sleep; it only ever stopped when I shut the lid. Now, whenever the MacBook sleeps, it closes the app entirely.

So frustrating.

It's been a week without any comment from Spotify.

Being a paid subscribed to Spotify services I find this a bit unsettling.


It's true that it's a minor problem, but still a grave annoyance. And it's this kind of things that in the end will make you consider to stay or consider other services. 


I kindly ask you to look into this issue.

Hey Spotify, now that you did an app for the Windows Store, could you please implement the necessary code so the music wont stop playing when the screen turns off on the Surface Pros? 

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