Spotify will not open or download


Spotify will not open or download


I apologise if this post is in the wrong place as I am unfamiliar with this forum and this is my first post.


I saw the 3 months for £1 premium offer and decided to take it up as I haven't used spotify in a long time.


However I can't even get the darn thing to work!


At first I downloaded through the site however when I tried to open spotify up, it simply wouldn't open. I opened task manager and saw that it opened up for a second or two and then closed down, however no interface of any sort was appearing and this kept happening.


I tried running it in compatibility mode as suggested elsewhere, still nothing. So I deleted it and tried to reinstall - still nothing. I deleted it again and now whenever I try to install spotify I get an error code 17, whether with the full installer or the one from the webpage. 


I've deleted and redownloaded the installer many times but nothing works. I've tried running the installer in compatibility mode and I've tried in safe mode. In safe mode it says the installer is corrupt. I am running Windows 7 by the way.


I know this has been asked many times on here but all of the solutions I've seen so far have been unsuccessful. I hope somebody can help me with this issue as I'm at my wit's end and really want to be able to use spotify. Is there an alternative way to use it? I don't have a phone capable of having any apps let alone spotify.


I hope somebody can help me with my problem! Thankyou

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Re: Spotify will not open or download


I now have the same problem.


Initially suffering with the problem detailed here:


Now I am getting error code 17 when I try to reinstall...

Re: Spotify will not open or download


I have now got it working, kind of. I still get error code 17 when I try to install and another error when I try to uninstall, but Spotify no longer goes blank when I load it up, and it is usable again.


I know you said you have seen various posts/ solutions already, have you looked at this one:



I am not really sure how I got mine working again as I only did the first couple of steps. And I didn't have to move the Spotify installation from %AppData% in the end.


You say you uninstalled, and now can no longer reinstall. Do you still have a copy of Spotify in the %AppData% (Roaming) folder?