Spotify won't open!


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I don't know why this works, but I just tried it and it did! So thanks!

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just delete russian local and it work again thx )

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I removed file its working!


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But the thing is, why would you want to delete all of your data? The data has nothing to do with it.

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I did this and Spotify works perfectly now.

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I did a thorough uninstall using an uninstaller program to make sure no remnants of the program would remain. Then I did a restart. Then I downloaded the software for my device (Windows, PC desktop with Win 10), installed it and logged in. I had no issues wtih opening it at all. To verify that the software is in working order I closed it and reopened. It's fine now. Good luck.

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Having the same issue. I cant install, uninstall, open or even use the web player. I Have looked into my antivirus if that might be a problem. Everything seems to be just fine to properly run spotify, except I cant. I use win10

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Same problem, only it works on other computers of mine..

I have an old account not linked to facebook.

I think they are getting rid of the last few with other user names.

The web player which usually sucks, now works, but they almost 

insist on a facebook sign in. My TV app works fine but it is featureless

even more than the " Web Player". I suspect re install  won't work.

Will try tomorrow and see how others are doing.

I still miss  "Library"  and starred     features!!!

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Im using facebook to log in but spotify wont open full stop.

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I have a new macpro.  Spotify simply will not open when I click the icon.  I believe I am paying abouy $10.00 a month.  I have tried following the info on spotify community, nothing works.  I have java script installed and adobe.  I would like to contact them and either have it resolved immediately or quit spotify.  Any advise out there?

@iiRenity wrote:

I've just recently started using Spotify in the past month and I love it! However, all of a sudden its not working anymore!

I haven't done anything new or recent to my computer, everything is up to date.

Basically what it does is... it acts like its trying to open like normal (either when prompted or on start up) and then it freezes for a moment and then completely shuts itself down. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, as well as installing an older version.

It's still not working. Now it takes me to the login screen and prompts me to login. When I put in the correct information it acts like its trying to log in before completely shutting itself down again.


I'm using Windows 7.