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Spotify won't play "local files" songs!


Spotify won't play "local files" songs!

Hi there!


When I want to play files from "local files", some of them won't play. I don't really understand why ?

They've been imported from itunes. The bottom bar doesn't show anything and the "point" has disappeared!


If any of you got an idea? 


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Solution for Windows at least: download Quicktime from or This will provide the necessary codecs for local files to play on Spotify. Enjoy your music!

I just downloaded the latest version of Quicktime and that seems to have solved my problem. I'm glad I found this thread.

Codec worked fine after restarting spotify, thx a lot!

I had the same issue, and installing the given codec did the trick for me.


Amazing to see so many people with the exact same problem, and having to read a specified thread to get the fix, that is for that matter so simple.


Thanks for the solution anyway. Cheers.

This workd for me! Thanks!

I swear to god. I love Spotify's potential as a media player on my computer, because I add both local files, and Spotify-native song files that I don't take the time to download onto my computer, to make an ultimate starred list. I use it as background music, and I have like 2,000 songs on my list. But. You won't play my local files. At all. I've done EVERYTHING you've said to do. I've reinstalled QuickTime 4 or 5 times, the codec twice. I'm not converting every single music file on my computer to a different file type just so you can do **bleep**ing nothing while your customers work their asses off to use a product that YOU'RE supposed to fix.


I swear to god, if you tell me to do something else you've already told someone else to do, or give me your bull**bleep** "We're sorry, we're looking into this issue" story, you will lose yet again another customer today. But hey. There's no way in hell any of your moderators will actually reply in the first place, and if they did it would indefinitely be useless advice. ^.^ If you feel like being a helpful and successful company, you should help me and your other customers out. If not, keep **bleep**ing around, play an ad after every other song, and just keep be useless douchebags while other companies stand around and make more money than you. 😄

Are you saying that none of your local files play or just some of them? What does the desktop client show when you try to play one of them? What format are these files in?

OK, but 2 problems.  First, I have a *lot* of songs that won't play.  I have to do this with each one?  No way.


Second, won't this problem just show up again tomorrow?




For me, it's right click then choose 'unlink track'. Any local file you've starred will become unstarred, so you need to then star the streaming copy of the track.

Thankyou!!! This so annoying, all sorted now! 🙂

Hi all,


Still having issues with local files on my spotify, some play but some don't and they are all the same format. Tried installing the codec and uninstalling spotify as well as installing quicktime and still no luck! Is there anything else i should be trying?




Where did the files come from?

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I did another uninstall and it's working, they are on my nas the files.

My local files won't play on Spotify, and I tried what you sugested but they still won't play. I havealso tried upgrading and turning my computer on and off. I would apperciate any other suggestions.

Did you try the steps in this post @kowalsm2 ?

takes quite awhile if you have loads of music on your computer already. I suggest unchecking the local files list.

Im on xp, songs would play rapidly with no recognisable music, this worked straight off...

I have downloaded quicktime and the codec.  I have unchecked and rechecked the file locations for my local music.  I have safely removed and reinserted my external HD.  I have restarted my laptop multiple times between the time I first noticed the problem and the time I am writing this.  I have copied music files (all are .mp3) to the laptop, into the My Music file and the Downloads file, from my external drive, to no avail.


But, when I uninstalled Spotify, and reinstalled it from my original download (version 09.14.13), my local files showed up just like magic!


Then, when I shut down and restarted Spotify, and it upgraded to the most recent version (10.2.6), my local files dissapeared again.


I have a previously made playlist consisting of music from my hard drive's music folder, and when I navigate to that playlist, it is fully populated and plays the songs that are on my hard drive, and not currently available on Spotify's streaming service. 


I cannot add any new files by drag and drop, either to the Local Files section, or the playlist that I mentioned above, nor can I see any files in the Local Files section.


Thank you for your time.


Edit: Windows 8.1

Edit 2:  Premium


#noshame, #shameless, #spotifyhelp

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