Spotify won't play songs unless they have been liked

Spotify won't play songs unless they have been liked








Operating System

Windows 10

Spotify Version

Spotify for Windows


My Question or Issue

Spotify will not play songs that haven't been downloaded. For example, if I look up a random artist and try playing any of their songs, they won't initialize, the playback bar at the bottom remains empty and greyed out, as if I was offline (see the 1st attached screenshot). However, if I then like the song, and try playing it again, it immediately starts playing without any problems (see the 2nd attached screenshot).

I have tried restarting the PC, updating Spotify, reinstalling Spotify, reconnecting to the internet, my "hosts" file is clean, nothing helps.

The way the issue stands currently, Spotify is borderline unusable, so I would really appreciate any help with this one. Thanks.

1 Before downloading the song.jpg
2 After downloading the song.jpg
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Hey @Hzo420,


Thanks for posting in the Community and the troubleshooting you've already tried.


Does this issue occur when you're using the web player or a different account on the desktop app?


Just to be sure, you've reinstalled the app with the steps from this page, right? 


Have you also tried switching internet connections, e.g. through a hot spot from your phone?


Keep us posted,



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Hey Dian,

Thanks for the response.

This issue does not occur on a web player. Logging into the app with a different account, however, runs into the same problem of songs not playing.

Originally, I did not follow the steps that you mentioned when reinstalling the app, so I tried them out today. Now that Spotify launches automatically on start-up, it seems to work normally. That is, until I close it and open it again. If that happens, I start running into the same problem once more, and the only thing that helps is restarting the PC (basically its fine as long as I don't close Spotify).

As for switching internet connections, unfortunately I'm using a desktop computer with an ethernet cable. It doesn't have a Wi-Fi receiver, so I can't use a mobile hotspot.



Hey @Hzo420


Thanks for getting back to us. 


Would you mind checking if the OS of your PC is up to date?


On another note, could you let us know if this started happening after a specific event such as an update either of Spotify or the OS of your PC?


Keep us posted.

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I've noticed that my responses on this forum seem to keep getting automatically deleted, so I'll try attaching one in a form of a screenshot this time.



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