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Spotify won't scrobble to

Spotify won't scrobble to

It says I'm connected to on preferences but it won't scrobble. If I disconnect and try to enter my username and password again the connect button simply does nothing no matter how many times you click it. If I disconnect from and exit spotify and open spotify again I will be connected to even though I didn't have to input my username and password. Still won't scrobble though.


Any fixes?

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Same here.



since this morning...

I noticed this issue today, Spotify on Ubuntu (updated).

Seems they're having problems.

Scrobbling with the Spotify desktop client was indeed having problems for a few hours yesterday, but at least my past scrobbles have appeared on my profile in the meantime, and scrobbling works again.


same here.... looks like it only scrobbles the artist and song but not the album 😞

Same here. Any solutions? Scrobbling works on mobile and web player, but on desktop doesn't. 

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