Spotify works on PC but not wireless Samsung speaker

Spotify works on PC but not wireless Samsung speaker


Hi there, first time poster.


Anyway, I have spotify installed on my pc (windows 7 pro), works fine for the USB speakers connected to the docking station.  


BUT: I cannot get spotify from my PC to recognize my Samsung bluetooth wireless speaker.  Itunes installed on my pc DOES recognize the Samsung speaker but, again, not spotify.  I added the Samsung as a recognized device to the PC, and it shows up when I click on "devices and printers".  However, the Samsung does NOT show up when I right click the speaker icon on the toolbar as a "Playback" device.   Seems odd to me but I'm sure I am missing something.


Anyway, any help would be welcome.  Thanks.

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If you got to Start > Control Panel > Sound is your Samsung speaker there?

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nope, not there.


but even though it's not there, Itunes installed on the PC DOES recognize the Samsung as a playback device....


I have the same problem. Spotify does not recognize my Phillips BT speaker on my Surface Pro 4 but Spotify on my iPad Air 2 does recognize this speaker. I have been working on this problem for awhile, even taken my SP4 to Best Buy Geek Squad, but no luck so far. This speaker does work with iTunes on my SP4 however. Not sure what to do at this point except to hope the problem will be rectified by a future update of Spotify.

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