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SpotifyMigrator Bad Image on Windows 10

SpotifyMigrator Bad Image on Windows 10



I recently got a new Windows 10 machine and went to install Spotify. For the first day it worked, but when i unplugged the machine to move it, when it booted up again, Spotify no longer worked. I get a bad image error (attached screenshot) every time. I have tried running the App Data to delete Spotify from my computer and restarting the device. Every time I reinstall the app (from the website or the Windows Store), I get the same message. What can I do to fix this?

SpotifyMigrator Bad Image Error.png


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Hi there. Thank you for reaching out to the Community. Please follow the step.

Clean reinstall. It will clean Spotify app out. It will remove data, viruses, bugs, etc. Here is the link: Hope this helps.

If that doesn't help you can get Spotify's help here is the link: It redirects to the About Page > Option 3 - Offers the Contact Form and Option 4 - Points folks to @SpotifyCares on Twitter who are happy to help. Hope these couple steps help.

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