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Starting a song, short loop in the beginning (windows desktop)

Starting a song, short loop in the beginning (windows desktop)






Windows PC, Desktop App (exe)

Operating System

Windows 10


My Question or Issue

When i launch the program and start a song right away, it will start playing for 2-3 seconds and then i get a loop and second 2-3 are played again, but the song will not start  completely from the beginning, then it plays normally and so do all songs afterwards.

except if i choose another playlist for example and start another song manually, then it will happen again.


but also not always, sometimes it works sometimes not.


never seen this problem before, until i updated the porgram today.

is this a known issue? i couldnt find anything.



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I sure hope they fix this soon, it has been driving me nuts. 

I have the same issue (Windows 7, To add, at least in my device, the song will only loop if: it's on repeat or if you've selected it to play. If the song is waiting on a playlist's queue, it will play normally without looping or any other issue. However, if the song is, as previously stated, on repeat or selected to play, it will loop on the 5-9 seconds mark for a brief moment (usually, as specified by Ominious, for around 4 seconds, but it can loop for as much as 9 seconds depending on the song). 


This issue, on my end, has started yesterday. I've tried reinstalling, rebooting and logging back and in. 

I've been experiencing the exact same issue these past two days and I've also tried what you've tried with no success. Any song I start playing will start stuttering the same part of the song for a couple seconds after around 8 seconds into the song. I'm using the Spotify desktop program on Windows 10. Any insight or fix would be much appreciated as it makes listening to music frustrating.

I have the same problem, except it only happens on some songs, not all. I also use the Windows 10 desktop version.

I forgot to mention that it doesn't happen when I actually select the song to play. it only occurs when I'm on shuffle play or I'm just letting the songs run by themselves.


yeah same but i don't have that problem in my mobile app








Operating System

Windows 10


My Question or Issue

At about 5 seconds into a song in my Liked Songs the song will either start skipping like a broken cd, repeating the previous second of the song about 4 times before playing like normal again, or pause completely for 2 seconds. Problem persists during repeat song and repeat playlist options.


It only happens once during the song, only at the start and it only seems to affect songs that are in a separate playlist. The songs not in a playlist aren't affected. The songs that are in a playlist ONLY skip when they are played through the Liked Songs playlist, when play through a separate playlist they are fine. It's affected every song on my account, old and new.

I've tried deleting my cache and logging in and out twice, no change. Nothing seems to be wrong with my Internet, all songs load just fine and play as normal after the glitch.

Hey everyone,


Thanks for reaching out about this in the Community and making us aware of this issue.


In order to look into this further, can you let us know the following info:

  • Your device and OS version
  • Exact Spotify version
  • Is it downloaded via MS Store or the Spotify website
  • Send us a short screen recording of the issue. It can be attached to your post as a .MP4 (less than 5MB) or as a link to an external video sharing platform

We'll be on the lookout for your replies 🙂



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It's the desktop client on Windows 10. I downloaded it from the website and not from the app store. And the version is I'm on a standard Windows laptop.

It's not feasible to record the issue because this is doesn't happen every single time and I don't know what's causing it. It happens arbitrarily so replicating it consistently is impossible. One would have to just keep playing songs before the bug randomly revealed itself.

Aha, I've managed to record it after suggesting it wasn't possible in my previous reply!


Here it is:

latest windows 10, downloaded from your site, not ms store, version, not gonna record a video of your buggy client.

I'm also experiencing the same problem. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the desktop Spotify app, but it's still happening. It might be a problem with Spotify rather than a problem with our devices(?)

I am using Spotify version, from 3/18/22, on a Dell laptop, Windows 10

A few seconds (3-5?) into a song it will go into a repeat loop of the previous 1-2 seconds, and repeat for about 5-6 times. Then after a very very brief pause the song will play forward normally. After that it may play as normal the rest of the day.

It usually will happen with the first play when the app is opened.

I do not have any way to capture the audio of this happening.

Hope this helps.

this was the wrong reply, i cant delete so 😕

well didnt work sorry about wrong comment and i accepted as solution i dont know if you can do anything about it but i see that only the repeating problem continues, i was not able to catch the moment, when it fixes itself til i open camera (now after 10~30 secs it continues like normal) but think like a part of a song that dont repeat for example, think of word hello, it can be repeat hello like a dozen of times like 'hellohellohello' but it can be like 'he-he-he-' this bug happens in the starting of the song, at 15th sec i think?




United States


(iPhone 11, )

Operating System

( Windows 10)


My Question or Issue

The problem with my spotify is that it keeps on randomly repeat a part of the song even if I haven't done it. It's been going on for days and I've tried everything from restarting my pc, uninstalling spotify and downloading another version but it keeps going it would really mean a lot if someone has a solution to this!!! in the video I have attached it shows a part that repeated but it's not in the song when I put that part again

This happens to me too. Usually it occurs in the beginning of songs. 

It is also usually in the beginning. Thank god I'm not alone on this one!

Exactly what happens to me, but longer than what's happening to them in the video

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