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Stop Sync of now listening song?!

Stop Sync of now listening song?!



I have a smartphone on which I'm listening to spotify when I'm on the road. At home, I'm listening with my Windows desktop app. At work also with a windows desktop app. Same premium account everywhere...



While working, I listen to my working sound. When I leave, I press pause and want to continue listening the next day. In the evening, I listen to my home sound. When I unlock my PC at work the next day (it was just locked), the now playing song is the one which I listened to the last day at home.


How can I disable this function? It's really frustrating when my workflow playlist gets interrupted because of reasons... The oposite way from work to home seems not to synchronize and also the smarphone does not synchronize with work or home.


Thanks 🙂


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Sorry for your inconvenience, but I believe it is not possible for now, in the current version of Spotify. Your platforms are all log-ined to a single account, which means they are always synced to each other as you use Spotify. If you start playing a song and pause it in your iPhone, the next time you open your desktop app, web player or what ever else- the song you paused will appear first.


But don't worry, you can always create your own playlists of your working sounds and home sounds- so you can always listen to music easily. Or when you are not using your desktop(when you go to work), before you leave, set it to 'Offline mode' then you will be unsynced with your iPhone, so when you're back home you can continue where you left from 🙂 (disable offline mode when you are using your desktop again.)




Here, you can make playlists for your music or set offline mode in Spotify.


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