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Stop recommending me this one song.

Stop recommending me this one song.

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(Android, Windows 10)


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So I'm quite fond of the normal songs that Spotify recommends to me. HOWEVER! within this lists there are 2 or 3 songs that I absolutely hate and have to skip past every time. Which is especially annoying if I'm in my car. Is there a way I can tell Spotify to stop recomminding me these specific songs? 

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Hey there @heart2handle

thanks for posting !


The only think i can come up with is this : 

- Log in on your Android device

- Find the songs you don't like

- Enter the artist's homepage

- Click on the 3 dots and press "Don't play this artist" 


This one should prevent the algorithm from presenting these songs on the playlist (important to say, it will prevent all songs from the same artist).


Let me know how it goes:)

Thanks for the reply,

this does work technically though it's not really what I was looking for. 


The problem that I have with the song isn't nessesairly that I dislike it but it's has been memed to death. it's "Bodies" from drowning pool and their other songs are actually really good. the main problem is that Bodies is 10x as popular as any of their other much better songs. So spotify keeps recommending it to me. 

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