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Stray Kids Rock Star songs suddenly not playing when connect via the web

Stray Kids Rock Star songs suddenly not playing when connect via the web






Laptop: Samsung Galaxy Book

Operating System

Windows 10


My Question or Issue

I am connected to my Spotify Premium account via the web. Stray Kids songs from the new ROCK STAR album are suddenly not playing.

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same here! telling me "spotify cant play" and to "import the songs" but im on browser

Same here on the browser but now I'm trying with my phone and it does the exact same thing 

I have the same problem both in the online browser and on my phone using the app. Also the first 11s of Leave plays than it mutes.  

The songs from the album even get skipped in playlists. But everything else is fine. Its so strange. 

I have no issues when I use the Spotify app on my phone or on my desktop. The problem only happens when I login and connect via the website.

It’s VERY STRANGE because everything was working fine up through yesterday. I’ve never seen something like this happen before. It’s like the album is being blocked. Unfortunately it affects streaming and their BB counts.

You’re not the only one! It skips down the whole album with that error, sometimes stopping three or four songs down and playing one, other times skipping all the way to the bottom before it stops and throws that error.


I’m on webbrowser, with a Windows 10 enterprise running chrome  

Mine has bee like that the whole day but is finally working again

Mine was working for the beginning of the day but for some reason it no longer is. It says "Spotify can't play this right now" But if it does start to play it's only up to 10 seconds and then it doesn't play sound anymore.

This is happening to me too, and I have a Chromebook. I came to see if I was the only one, and apparently not 😞 (p.s. I also have premium)

Happening to me too trying to listen to the album in a web browser. Not happening with anything else I'm trying to listen to... 😞

I am also a premium user, and the only song it will play from the new album is Social Path (korean ver) ... very strange. 

For me, when i click on the song lalalala by skz it skips the song automatically even though it was playing just fine this morning

happening to me as well 😞

Funny I have issues on the exact same album


It says it can't play it, asks me for local files and skips the entire thing 😕

The same thing is happening to me!! Maybe its because of new release?

The same issue is happening with me! I did a quick Google search to see if I was the only one and found this post. I'm so sad because I listen to the album at least once a day since it came out and I was really looking forward to streaming it today. I hope the issue is fixed before tomorrow.

Same thing is happening to me it just keeps saying '' import song to a file'' and just skips to a new 😭

Same! I was listening to it for the first time and it's only this album in specific that isn't working...maybe it crashed??

Same thing is happening to me!!  Spotify, fix this!

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