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Surface (windows) Goes to Sleep, Stops Spotify

Surface (windows) Goes to Sleep, Stops Spotify

I've got a Surface Book (Windows 10) and music stops playing everytime the screen goes to sleep, I'm sure the screen should just turn off without Spotify stopping as well. As soon as I wake it up Spotify resumes playing.


This shouldn't happen and NO, I do not want to change my computer's sleep settings because of an incompatible program. This thread was posted two years ago and erronously marked as SOLVED. It will take a minute for programmers at Spotify to fix this. 

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Totally agee wit this comment... In addition, I am paying a premium account to access spotify, the least they can do is to listen to their own customers. 

I have been having the same problem - even when I select the option to stay connected to wireless while on battery. Why can't Spotify find a simple answer to this?

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