Syncing Saved Music Between Devices


Syncing Saved Music Between Devices








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Hi, so I'm logged onto Spotify across two different Windows PCs. A few weeks ago, I reorganized my saved music and deleted over a hundreds of old songs that I no longer listened to due to the maximum saved songs limitation. But it has recently come to my attention that these deletions were not synced with my other PC so my account on the other PC still has all these saved songs.


I have already tried logging out of Spotify on my other PC and closing it completely before logging in again and I also played around with offline mode to try to get it to sync but to no avail. I spent about 4 hours reorganizing my saved songs and I wouldn't want that to go to waste so I would like to only try restarting my Spotify client on my current PC as a last resort.


Has anyone encountered this before and/or can help me? Thanks.

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I am having a similar issue, I have added a couple of songs to my iphone playlist and they wont show up on my windows desktop. This is not the first time this has happened and when searching on google for help it seems like its an ongoing issue. I really like spotify but this is nonsense.  I will probably cancel my subcription by the end of the month even though I hate iTunes.

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Hey @PurplishSocks, welcome to the Community.

Hope you are doing great!

Read this thread regarding your issue as it might help.

Let me know how it goes 🙂

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Re: Syncing Saved Music Between Devices


You're using Desktop Spotify on both? Do you know if you have the latest builds installed? I had a similar issue where my Desktops didn't update versions automatically anymore, but my Tablet/ Phone app did! So I started using the Tablet to make any playlist changes, I've not had that issue since, perhaps give it a try?