Temporary Workaround Solution for Missing Playlist Radio

Temporary Workaround Solution for Missing Playlist Radio








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 Please share this solution with as many people/threads as possible. Many people are upset about the removal of Playlist Radio, and I've discovered a workaround that exists for now. It may be removed in the future.
Make sure the setting "Autoplay similar songs when your music ends" is enabled.

Select the last song in your playlist, and hit next song. Spotify will generate a Playlist Radio, and then you can Follow that station to make sure it shows up in your list of Stations. 
I want to add, this is not acceptable. Spotify needs to rectify this. I am actively shopping around for an alternative and am encouraging everyone I meet to do the same. They have proven they don't care about the users they have, only the ones they want to get.

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For me, this workaround on Android added the station to my Playlist section instead of stations.  😞 


Android version

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