The whole desktop experience is broken

The whole desktop experience is broken







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Before occasionally I experienced spotify unable to play a song, but not this time. Now**bleep** is **bleep**ed: it wont play any song. Why am I paying premium for this **bleep**? I have tried toggling high quality streaming on and off, toggled use hardware acceleration, restarted and reinstalled**bleep** is broken, fix it. The web player works, I'll have to use it that way, but I don't want another tab open, I alreay have 30 open and don't need another one. 


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Hello @slrove


This issue is reported by some other users as well, there is a solution suggested by another user here. Can you give it a try and let me know if it works? Thanks in advance 🙂


That does not work for me as there are no lines in that file that have spotify or fastly in them. So I wont accept it as an answer.




Can you also check this ?

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