This should be in "Ideas"

This should be in "Ideas"


But after the danged thing refused to let me submit it 15 times in a roll I decided to chuck it here.

May we please get an option to copy an artists name? Sometimes they're in foreign languages that I can't spell out to find them in google and learn more about them even if i wanted to, thanks! 🙂

PS: This message was also timed out twice for 300 seconds for me failing to add a label the first time, the person who designed these pages, i hope you step on a lego today! 🙂

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I would also like to be able to copy artist names (along with many other pieces of text on spotify which is arbitrarily difficult to access).


This isn't really a solution to your issue, but one of the quicker ways to copy the name of a song currently being played on the desktop version of Spotify, is to go to which will display the song name, album & artist name readily available to be copied.

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