This track is not available on some albums.


This track is not available on some albums.

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A lot of the music I listen to on spotify seems to suddenly be saying "this track in not available". To give some specific examples some of these albums are. Ben Howard "I forget where we were". Aphex twin, loads of stuff, but "druqks" isn't there. Radiohead, lots of stuff, "In Rainbows" for example. There are quite a few artists other that this who are down. At the same time a lot of stuff is still up.

Is this spotify's problem or is something going on my end?

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Re: This track is not available on some albums.

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@Arden it could be either, try these steps to isolate the issue,


here are some useful troubleshooting steps that resolve most playback issues:

  • first i'd suggest you uninstall the app, restart your device(s) and then re-install.
  • next, you can sign out of all devices here.
  • clear the cache for the app.
  • i would suggest a fresh re-install of flash which you can do here.
  • check your firewall settings to see if spotify is blocked - turning off your antivirus briefly can isolate that issue.
  • try listening on a different device to see if the same problem occurs.

let me know if that helps!