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Too much lagging and loading on PC and Google Home

Too much lagging and loading on PC and Google Home

I have Spotify Premium and enough speed to run HD videos on Netflix and other services without lagging. But lately Spotify keeps pausing the songs for about 5s every 20s or so, especially when playing on my Google Home Mini (it's so annoying I stop listening) or on desktop. It seems fine on my Android phone.

It also takes 2-3 minutes for the app to fully load whether on PC or Android. And no, I don't have any local files to load.

I've tried reinstalling, cleaning the cache, changed the music quality and I've tested my network. But this happens every single day it's really annoying. What else can I do?

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I had this problem too. I have been deleting all folders and the app a thousand times.

You have to download an older version that works; Spofify (V

This site is secure, (I have Avast and it has been examinated),

Make sure you download the V version.

I hope this works.

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