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Too quiet in Windows 10 Client

Too quiet in Windows 10 Client


Hi there,

I'm having the following problem:

If I play a track in Spotify on Windows 10, it is quiet, so I have to put the volume slider up high. BUT. If I enable the sound on that video banner on top of the app, it plays just fine - the sound is solid already at 50% of the volume and it is way louder than the track I'm playing at the same time in the same app. Why is that and how to fix it? I'd appreciate any solution.

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Did you also try to make the app louder with the volume mixer?


I sure did. No effect, unfortunately - the track gets louder, of course, and the sound of the banner gets really loud, louder than the track.


I finally figured it out I'm not sure what's wrong with the program as I can't look at the inner workings but mine was so quiet with max volume in windows and client yet still soft... so after trying all these things on the forums it still wasn't working. I decided to mute my music so I could think for a second then unmuted it with the little icon next to the slider and BAM! Max volume just like that haha.

spotify button.PNG

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