Tracks in my library are not synced to my main PC

Tracks in my library are not synced to my main PC


Short story: I have Spotify on my home pc, work laptop and Android phone (I'm using it with Android Auto).

If I'm on my main PC and I click the + button on a song, I can find it in the "Tracks" section on my library, on any device.

However, if I do it from my phone/work laptop, the track won't be added to my main's pc library.


Quick example: I click + on a track from my work laptop, I leave the office and I can keep on listening to it in my car using Android Auto. Once I get home I open the "Tracks" section and boom, the track is not there anymore. If I look on my phone I can still see it in that playlist, but as soon as I do something on my desktop I lose the track from my phone as well.


This is REALLY annoying, as I lost a lot of newly discovered music before finding out this sync issue.

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Same here. Bug in the Windows App.


I add the music to my library from my iPhone or my work computer but the tracks doesn't appear in my other computer.


Few weeks ago I had the same problem in my work computer and I had to uninstall and re-install the app to fix it, since there is no way to clean the app cache.



Also having this. It will only be up to date after a fresh install on PC.


Similar issue here. "Songs" playlist was out of sync with my phone. I once was in touch with support and found out that my Spotify version was out of date (I did not get a notification that an update was available, nor did it update automatically). Updating to the newest version on the PC fixed the issue. Maybe the version was actually not the problem, but the reinstall fixed it.

This time, the same issue again, Spotify on the newest version already. Reinstalling Spotify on my PC, as suggested in this thread, fixed it.


Same issue here. I use Spotify on three devices: my home pc, my private android phone and my work laptop. Since ~2 months my work laptop stopped synching saved songs from other devices, but is still capable of saving songs visible for other devices.


This means:

Songs saved on my home pc or android phone are visible on all devices and the web interface. However, my work laptop does not have them in its list.

Songs saved on my work laptop are visible on all devices and the web interface.


The weird thing is that songs saved on the work laptop are still added, so synching works in general. Also playlists from home/android are visible on my work laptop. Only saved songs are missing. Tried reinstalling spotify, it doesn't help.

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