Tracks not playing to end


Tracks not playing to end

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Windows 10


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 After the new app upgraded, I sometimes have problems with tracks not playing entirely, or stopping and restarting.

I tried a clean reinstall, but it still occurs.


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Hey @user-removed


I'd suggest a clean reinstall (still) 🙂


For non-Windows Store client do this:

1. Close Spotify and uninstall it.
2. Go to %AppData% in Windows Explorer, and delete any Spotify folders you find in Local and Roaming folders.
3. Restart your computer.
4. Install Spotify.


For Windows Store client I recommend resetting the app (Tenforums guide) and then reinstalling it following the steps in this article.


If you're using Spotify client downloaded from Spotify website, I recommend using the Windows Store client. 🙂


Also, make sure all Windows updates (particularly those that update any drivers or software related to them) have been installed.


Let me know how it goes!

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When I reinstalled, I used CCleaner to wipe out all remaining evidence of the previous Spotify install. 

I still have issues with playback. It all started with the latest upgrade. If I don't get this fixed soon, Spotify will soon be a thing of the past, like Tidal, and Deezer.


When a company can't offer decent customer service, and relies on other users to fix their problems, that's when I look elsewhere...