Troubleshooting Spotify on Win 8.1 - addendum


Troubleshooting Spotify on Win 8.1 - addendum


Hi, I couldn't add to the thread Troubleshooting in Windows which seems to be closed.



The solution here (as with a couple of other programs) was to edit the firewall rule(s) and replace the path to the executable file:

  • from this form:       %APPDATA%\Spotify\spotify.exe
  • to this one:             C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Roaming\Spotify\spotify.exe



Spotify was previously not able to connect unless I switched off the Windows Firewall (no problems with the COMODO one, both firewalls seem to coexist in peace in Windows 8.1 while on Windows 7 using COMODO implied switching off the Windows firewall).


I had created rules and authorized Spotify through the firewall, I had tried in two ways:


  • answering the firewall question at the first attempt of Spotify to connect, which did not work
  • manually creating the rule through the windows firewall advanced settings, which I usually prefer (here it is enough one only rule for spotify.exe allowing outbound connections, and apparently I have no need to keep ports 4070 and 80 open in the router, TP-LINK WR1043ND flashed to the latest firmware, March 2014).