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Trying to Play Music getting message saying "The Song is not available"

Trying to Play Music getting message saying "The Song is not available"

When I try to play any song on my Windows Desktop a message comes up saying "This song is not available. If you have the file on your computer you can import it."


WHAT is this? & what should I do?

22 Replies

I'm having the same issue. ;(

This is happening to me right now. Anyone know why?

Hey guys, thanks for the reports of these issues. I will escalate this for Spotify staff to take a look into!

I also have this problem but only with Lana Del Rey's entire discography... Everything else I can listen to.

Hey guys, is someone able to possibly try connecting to another device and seeing if the same issue happens there?

Also if anyone is possibly able to try uninstalling and reinstalling the Spotify desktop app, let us know how that goes as well!


I'm having the same issue. Happening with Kendrick Lamar, JAY Z, and T.I. so far.

I tried the same artists on my phone and they worked but I have also used the option to download playlists on my phone so I don't use so much data.

I confirmed this is also happening with Lana Del Rey on the desktop client. I tried Lana Del Rey on my phone and it worked fine even though I do not have any of her songs downloaded.

They are also working on the web player. Guess I'll try reinstalling the desktop client

Same issue here. Some songs doesn't play. Old version of spotify app works fine.

Random artists are unplayable on 1.0.65.


Here is a sample of artists' songs that  don't work on 1.0.65:

* Kanye West

* Katy Perry

* Daft Punk

* Gorillaz

* Lana Del Rey

* Red Hot Chili Peppers


Installing version 1.0.64 fixes the issue and all artists are playable again.


I also have Spotify on iPhone and all artists listed above play just fine on iOS. It's the desktop version that is the issue, specifically 1.0.65 on Windows 10.

I tried listening to songs from all of the artists listed here on my phone and they all work just fine. Lana's songs however I can't play on my phone nor my computer. I'm using Android 6.0 and Windows 7.

I am unable to listen to the entire daft punk discography both on the latest spotify desktop and android phone app.

I'm having this problem as well. Going on three days. It's really starting to **bleep** me off. I pay for this service, and I expect it to work. 

Hey guys,
Just a heads up that the Spotify tech team is looking into this issue at the moment.

Hang tight and this should all hopefully be sorted shortly!

I reinstalled Spotify on my computer to make sure I have the latest version and I could actually listen through a couple of Lana Del Rey's songs, but then they stopped working again. Tried reinstalling the app on my phone too but it didn't work.

I'm experiencing the same issue with at least all songs from:

* Ben Howard

* Fleetwood Mac

tried reinstalling Spotify but that didn't seem to work

EDIT: It turns out the fault is somewhere in the latest update, i downloaded version 1.0.62 and the problem was gone, at least for now!

Nothing yet.

I can now listen to Lana Del Rey's songs again on both my computer and my phone! Yay. 🙂

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