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Unable to play songs, have tried everything

Unable to play songs, have tried everything




United States


Windows 10 PC

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Windows 10


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Whenever I try to play any song on the Spotify app on my PC it says its unavailable and its all greyed out, I have tried going through my fire wall, logging out and logging in, changing proxy, troubleshooting and reinstalling however nothing has helped the issue out. Whenever I try on my iPhone 11 though it all works perfectly fine.

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Hey @Jdatec,


Thanks for posting here 🙂


The troubleshooting steps that you've tried are very good. 


You mentioned that you've changed the proxy. Could you try deactivating it to see if that makes a difference?


In case you're using a VPN, we'd suggest you disable it to see if that changes anything.


Keep us posted.

Ver Moderator
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