Unusable Windows application with 4K screen due to lags


Unusable Windows application with 4K screen due to lags







Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Extreme

Operating System

Windows 10


My Question or Issue

I'm using Spotify for Windows. My laptop has a 4K screen with high resolution (3840x2160). I can run anything smoothly and even some games, but I can't scroll smoothly a simple playlist in Spotify. At this resolution, just scrolling a simple playlist is extremely slow and it litterally takes some seconds to display the song titles sometimes after finishing to scroll with the touchpad gestures. Decreasing the font size within Spotify decreases the lags, but the application is not smooth at all and barely usable. Descreasing the screen resolution improves everything, but it's not a real option.


The hardware acceleration is active and the GPU usage is high even just scrolling. It goes easily between 30% and 60% every time I scroll a list. Without the hardware acceleraction, the CPU usage is high anyway and the scrolling is still far from smooth.


Given that Spotify is based on Chromium, I've tried to start "Spotify.exe" with the 


command line argument. This brings a massive improvement in visual performance and the application is definitely usable even on a 4K screen. The CPU and GPU usage is still high and the application is not as smooth as others, but at least it's usable.


Given that passing command line options can't easily be done for the apps dowloaded from the Microsoft Store, is it possible to have this option enabled by default? I've installed the standalone version downloaded from the Spotify website to be able to pass command line parameters. Is there any reason for not enabling this option by default if the hardware acceleration is enabled? I've seen many other users on the web reporting that with 4K screens, Spotify's UI becomes extremely slow and practically unusable, no matter how good the GPU is. This improvement would benefit many users.