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Username is just a bunch of letters & numbers

Username is just a bunch of letters & numbers

I originally created my spotify account on my WIN10 Desktop and everything was all fine and dandy. I download the app on my phone and get the free trial for premium (since I bought an itunes card to pay for it) and it changed my username to "991hdr8syxdrki3i4126wjro9" instead of barbecue boy. 

When you go to my profile ( according to my friend who a made a playlist for ) it'll say barbecue boy but it says the playlist was made by "991hdr8syxdrki3i4126wjro9" making it unable for people to search up my username. 

How do I fix this? 



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Hey, @barbecueboy -


The random username(username showed as a bunch of random letters and numbers) is just a way to keep in track of user data on Spotify, so you won't have to worry that much about it 🙂


However, your real username(@barbecueboy) should be visible to others and able to be found by just searching your username; 


If you want your Facebook username to appear on your profile, you can connect your Facebook account with Spotify.


Here are the instructions:


Thank you 🙂


You might also want to look into this; Here are the instructions on sharing your playlist.

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