Videos play in background while another song is playing

Videos play in background while another song is playing







Operating System

Windows 10


My Question or Issue

 If I click the "Previous" button many times (~ 2 clicks per second) and if there is a video that it passes, the video sometimes plays and remains playing (in the background) even if I go to another song or try pausing the song. I am not able to stop the video sound,; it somehow remains on. The only fix I found was killing the app and reopening.

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Hey there @neemaali123,


This sounds very odd, let's try and solve the issue together!

Have  you tried reinstalling Spotify on your device ?


Waiting on your update=)

I just reinstalled Spotify and the issue is still present. I just tested it again and the issue also occurs if I click "next song" very quickly as well and pass over a video in a list. It only happens with videos. 


Note that this issue has existed for many months for me. So I know multiple versions/updates have not resolved it.

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