Visualiser (Visualizer) for Spotify


Visualiser (Visualizer) for Spotify

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One thing I used to love when I was an iTunes user was their visualiser in the desktop application. It was such a relaxing thing to watch as it changed depending on the amplitude and rhythms coming from the songs you were listening to.

I see that in one thread you closed a case based on a user's request for this. In one paragraph you stated:

'While we know this is a popular request, we don’t feel the majority of listeners would benefit from the addition of a visualizer at this time.'

I can't see how you can possibly reconcile these two comments.
'popular request' and 'we don’t feel the majority of listeners would benefit from the addition of a visualizer'.

What do you mean you do not feel it would be of benefit? If you are basing it on a feeling rather than reasonable logic, what is the premise? If it's a popular request, then it would appear *A LOT* of users are asking for it. Clearly they would benefit from it. Also, with the ability to turn it on or off at will, it would not impact on the quality of the service that the desktop application provides.

Your statement would appear to be playing to your own agenda, for reasons that you are not willing to share with your paying subscriber base.

Very disappointing!

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Re: Visualiser (Visualizer) for Spotify


They must have gotten rid of the visualizer; I remember using it in the past, and this post implies it was a hidden feature, i.e. searching "spotify:app:visualizer" would open the Visualizer. This doesn't work.


Re: Visualiser (Visualizer) for Spotify


Absolutely agree a visualizer would be a great addition to Spotify. It's baffling that the feature is not available! Premium users deserve at least a basic visualizer so we don' thave to go hunting around the web for 3rd party software which in many cases removes DRM locks from Spotify media. It seems not having a visualizer is against Spotify's interests in keeping music within its ecosystem. Baffling indeed!