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Volume Slider and Song Navigator slider does not work

Volume Slider and Song Navigator slider does not work






Asus PC 

Operating System

Windows 8


My Question or Issue

My volume slider and song navigator slider is not working at all. I drag it, it doesn't respond, I double click where I want it to go, it doesn't work. I've properly uninstalled and re-installed Spotify twice, and it hasn't changed at all. This started out of the blue today, as I was trying to change the volume of a song and it wouldn't change. 


It works fine on the web player, but it's taking up a whole tab and I highly prefer the app to the web player!

3 Replies

Hey there @Nico_Babico,

thanks for posting in the community !


Can you please toggle Hardware Acceleration to see if it helps fixing the issue ?


Waiting on your update 😃

I had tried that previously when this first started, and it didn't work. However, I redownloaded the app for a forth time just today to see if anything changed and it seemed to be working. I guess they updated something and it didn't work well with my computer, but then did another update to fix it?

Hey there @Nico_Babico,

thanks for the update !


It's great to hear the issue is solved.

An adjustment made on the desktop app was alpplied on the new vesrion you downloaded and it had fixed the issue.


Enjoy Spotify 😃

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