What happened to the "create playlist radio" feature?

What happened to the "create playlist radio" feature?







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This is really quite strange and unusual. One of my most used features, in fact, one of the features that pushed me to start using premium is now missing. What's especially strange is that if I go to a song outside of my playlists I can still make radio's from them. But for some reason, it's now impossible to create one from my playlists. I did a bit of research on this and many other people seem to also have noted this egregious removal further unacceptable there, has been seemingly no real communication from Spotify regarding this change to Spotify. Is this a bug? I hope so. If so, when can we expect it will be fixed? If this is intentional, why? This is unusual and unnecessary, the removal of a feature that was working perfectly fine is unacceptable.


Edit: looking further, It appears as you have all but removed the ability to create new radio stations, creating new stations from songs does not make a station, but instead creates a playlist with the word "radio" at the end of its name. The callous removal of the radio feature, moreover without any consulting the userbase or announcement is completely unacceptable.


I have made an account specifically to complain about this issue. Please fix it.


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I have also noticed this issue and created an account to find out what happened to it. I frequently go on long drives and use the radio feature for my music rather than an actual radio station through my car since the constant ads and music they play is utter garbage. I had to do a 2 hour drive less than a month ago with only a couple of songs playing because I couldn't create a proper radio based on a particular song. There is no reason it should have been removed and it should be added back as promptly as possible so I and many others can go back to using our most used feature on Spotify.

Edit: The feature was recently restored on android devices but is not present on desktop. The workaround for this is to start the radio on your phone and then continue it on desktop, it appears that the feature is still fully intact but there is no way to directly access it on the desktop app. This is just silly and will hopefull be fixed soon.

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