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Why Are Artist/Album/Song Radio Stations Being Phased Out?

Why Are Artist/Album/Song Radio Stations Being Phased Out?

Why are personalized Radio Stations being replaced with curated playlists that can't be edited? This is taking away a feature without offering a better solution. Why should I continue to pay for this?






(Win10 Desktop; Android Phone)



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Yes, this is really irritating. If I wanted a fixed playlist I would look for one. The whole point of the "radio" function is that it should be an endless list of similar tracks that dont repeat. Anything less is totally pointless.


Spotify seem to go out of their way to annoy users.

On another thread, someone pointed out that you can still make classic stations on the desktop app; you can drag an album, playlist or song onto the radio and it will create a station based on what you dragged over. I've been doing that. Who knows how long it will work, so I haven't updated the app for a while. Hope this helps you!

Thanks for that. I mostly use the desktop app so that would work for me. Annoying that the regular radio feature doesnt just do what you would expect though.

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