Why does Spotify not want to work properly on Windows 10?


Why does Spotify not want to work properly on Windows 10?


Firstly, every time the program runs it gives me a warning popup "Spotify failed to migrate some of your data".  Then, if one tries to uninstall then the spotifywebhelper prevents it from doing so.  Force closing that and then uninstalling for a reinstall using either the Windows store and Spotify website versions still doesn't remove the very annoying popup!


I have been paying for my premium subscription for a very long time now, and only listen to a very small selection of songs for the vast majority of the time.  I don't need to pay each month for music, but I want to support the industry.  That said, why can't Spotify make a 100% working product for a very standard install on my PC (with roaming further to my laptop and iPhone)?


The issues I'm facing are not unique to me... people have cited these issues on the community forums over a few years now, but yet they still seem to exist. 


Are there fixes in the pipeline?  As in actual fixes and not hacks that people post on here that are not supposed to be "the way to do it".  If yes, cool, then please let me know ETCs, and if not, also let me know so that I can sign up to one of the many, many competitors out there (Google, Amazon, Apple, Deezer, LastFM etc)