Why is my spotify often so slow?


Why is my spotify often so slow?

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I open spotify, let it load for a bit and when I try to search for an artist, the whole program lags ridiculously. Won't let me search, and when it does search, loads them so slowly. Albums for the artist take several minutes to load and then they stream very poorly.

The internet is not the problem as every website works quickly and youtube loads very quick.


Why is my spotify so slow and laggy? I have the latest public version, Windows 8. Restarting it doesn't help the issue. I often have to wait it out a couple hours.


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Just in case anyone else is still having this issue (I was), I found a post somewhere that did solve it for me, from what I can see.


The link explains how to delete your AppData:

"For Mac Users:

1.  If you do not have hidden files set to display by default: in Finder, press the Alt/Option key to access the Library folder under the Go menu. If you do have hidden files accessible: in Finder, just go to the Library folder in your user directory.

2. Go the Caches folder and look for the com.spotify.client folder.

3. Delete everything inside the Storage, Data and Browser folders, but not the folders themselves. You can select all of the items by pressing Command + A.

For Windows Users:


1. Paste C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\Spotify\ into the directory bar of Windows Explorer.

2. Delete everything inside the Storage, Data and Browser folders, but not the folders themselves. You can select all of the items by pressing Control + A."

If it wasn't already obvious, close Spotify before you try this. I learned the hard way, and my computer had a little panic.

I didn't restart my machine after doing this, just started Spotify again, and it seemed to load a LOT quicker, and opened links on Spotify it would ususally take either ages to load, or not load at all. 

Hopefully this helps!

EDIT: I just found another way to drastically improve the speed of the Desktop app that just helped my app too. MrCircuit take note, this may help you also! 

Go into your settings in Spotify Desktop app, and try unlinking Local Files - 'SHOW SONGS FROM' - iTunes, Downloads, Media player, Music Library. This stops Spotify from trying to sync to your computer, which instantly improved the loading whenever I searched for anything on the Desktop app. Hope this helps you guys further!

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I tried all the solutions listed and none of those worked for me.  What worked in my situation was turning off the hardware acceleration option in Spotify.


Edit > Preferences > Scroll to bottom, Show Advananced Settings > Scroll to bottom, uncheck Enable Hardware Acceleration

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