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Why, when I am on my windows PC, Spotify thinks I am German?

Why, when I am on my windows PC, Spotify thinks I am German?



South Africa, Country

Language, English.


Operating System

 Windows 10


My Question or Issue

Why, when I am on my windows PC, Spotify thinks I am German?
I have to tell Google to "translate to English" 
But, when I go into my acount details and such (anything to do with my account, my playlists etc etc. then Google can't tranlste because it doesn't have access to the page (I think) 
Anyhow, the PROBLEM is that I am NOT German, I am English. 
I do NOT understand why it always reverts to German. 

4 Replies

Hi there @LilianeB,

thanks for reaching out !


Could you please check out the country listed in your account settings for me ?


Thanks 🙂

That account setting is "South Africa"
See attachment.


That setting is on SOuth Africa.


See attached. 


[snip - Community Moderator edit]

Hey there @LilianeB,


Thanks for posting about this here in the Community!


As a heads up, we've removed the screenshot from your last post since it contained some private details. 


Regarding the issue you're experiencing, you mentioned in your original post that this is happening on your Windows device. Just to clarify, is this happening when using the desktop app or our Web Player?


If you're using the desktop app, we'd first suggest making sure that the app's Settings are not set to German. To check this, you can follow the steps here. If that doesn't do the trick, it'd be very helpful if you could share a screenshot of how things look for you so we can take a closer look and see what else we can suggest. Just make sure that there's no private or sensitive info displayed.


Let us know how you get on! We'll be right here if you need more help.


Have a lovely day 🙂

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