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Will only play the first song in a list


Will only play the first song in a list

I'm using Spotify version on a windows 7 laptop.  It looked like it updated this morning when I started it.  Now, no matter which playlist I'm in when I select a song to play it plays the first song in the playlist.  When the first song is finished it goes to the next as it should.  The shuffle feature also works and I can skip forward and back.  The problem is that no matter which song I select to play it plays the first song in the list, unless shuffle is on and then no matter which song I select to play it plays a different one.  Thanks for any help.


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It is fixed in v.

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I just went to the Spotify Mac download again and downloaded it. I installed it again without deleting the one I already had and it fixed it. I don't know if it helps to have Spotify running while the other download is installing but it worked for me. Hopefully it fixes your guy's problems too 🙂

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Still having this problem today.  Anyone else?  Any ideas?

I have the same problem, and it started after I installed the last update, and for me that isn't happening only with playlist, in the album seccion I'm having this problem too.

The same happens to me. Hope they can fix this soon 😕

Yes, to clarify I have this issue in any list of songs whether it be a playlist, or any other list of songs (album, artist, whatever).

I'm having the same problem, no matter wich song I choose from an album, it plays only a specific one. 

I am also having this problem, its really annoying im able to just hit next song till i get to the one i want but i cant just pick it keeps playing the first song 

Same here 😞


Hey all! 


You may be experiencing the same issue like the folks in this thread 

From what I read there, this should be fixed in the latest update of the app. 

Check if there's a new update for you and if not, you can leave your comments in the thread above, thanks!

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I'm having this issue too on my computer. I'm running Mac OS Sierra (10.12.3). I've done 2 fresh reinstalls of the app and am still experiencing the same problem. Must be a bug inside the Spotify app.

Same problem. Definitely defeats the purpose of having this service...

Same here. Luckily I made a backup of the installation folder before updating (I don't trust new updates by default). I reverted back to the previous version and everything's fine again.


You can play other tracks by clicking next or previous however but this should be fixed very soon ofcourse.

I am also having this issue and it only occurred after the latest update. A bit frustrating. It's odd, though. If I go to the artist page I can still click on and play whatever song I like; it's only in my library that this seems to be happening.

I'm also having this issue on my Windows 10 laptop at home and Windows 7 workstation at work. It only occurs after the update too. Can someone from Spotify please clarify if they're aware of this?

I still have this problem this morning on my windows 7 laptop running Spotify

This problem is so annoying! Please fix this quickly Spotify team!


Come on Spotify this has been going on for over a week now.  Any update when it will be resolved?

I am having the same problem.  Fix it for crying out loud!!


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It is fixed in v.

I'm having the same problem.

(Just on my laptop, not on my phone)

My own temporary solution is to connect my phone with my laptop.

It's still a bit annoying, but at least it will play what you want to listen to.

Just an idea for other people with the same problem.


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