[Win7] Spotify just won't play anything, anyway.(almost)


[Win7] Spotify just won't play anything, anyway.(almost)

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So, 3 weeks ago, spotify started to "pause" after playing a few songs, like, completely stops playing anything.
Then the issue affected all the songs I downloaded, it would play the first 6 seconds then display message "spotify can't play this song" on anything I've been trying to play.

I followed and tried every solution I found on community posts, nothing changed. Deleting folder and the app itself changed nothing, rebooting my device, checking audio drivers, flushing dns, changing accounts, nothing worked.
It just keeps displaying "Spotify can't play this song", it's not even downloading anything anymore, like it has been completely blocked off on pc, the web browser version's broken too, for some reason. I've been looking for exceptions or anything of that sort, there's none, nothing apparently inhibiting spotify from working, but this keeps happening.

It works perfectly fine on my Iphone 5. Music can be downloaded, playing, etc etc.

So...what do ? 

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Hey @Dikorzan 


That's really odd!


I'd suggest taking a look at your hosts file. If it contains Spotify addresses, it will redirect its traffic, causing the client to malfunction in different ways.

Check out this article on how to check the file. 🙂


Let me know how you get on!

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Oh sh*te, it actually worked. I can't believe it. I caaaannnnn't believe it. I had this thing installed for decades and I forgot it even existed. This was so frustrating. Thanks a lot xD.