[Windows 10] Can't select large amounts of tracks in Liked Songs


[Windows 10] Can't select large amounts of tracks in Liked Songs

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I have an issue where I can't select all the tracks in my Liked Songs. I don't know if it's relevant, but I have about 3.6k songs in my Library, so that's more than 6k away from max song amount for the Liked Songs list.


  • Selecting using Ctrl + A selects only the first 100 songs instead of the entire list.
  • Selecting by clicking the top song, scrolling down and then Shift + clicking the bottom song skips entire sections (the amount of songs it selects is different every time; sometimes it's around 1000, sometimes it's much less than that)
  • Using the Shift + click and then manually clicking the unselected songs using Ctrl + click doesn't work because after a few seconds all songs are unselected.

It only happens in Liked Songs. I tried recreating the issue using a new playlist with my entire Liked Songs list added and Ctrl + A and Shift + click both work fine there.


I have found a workaround where I select the top song, scroll down about 50-100 songs, Shift + click a song, scroll down 50-100 songs again, Shift + click another song, etc. until I reach the bottom of the list. This is quite tedious, though.


Versions where I managed to recreate the issue:

  • Latest Microsoft Store Spotify app (doesn't say which version)
  • Latest download from Spotify website (I believe this is
  • version

Issue not present when using (though that version is horribly outdated in other ways).


I've tried reinstalling all versions mentioned (completely fresh after deleting all data), also tried rebooting my computer. Disabling Hardware Acceleration made no difference either.


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I have the same issue. Thanks for the tip to use - worked!

Is there a chance spotify will fix this in the near future?

Hey, man. I started facing this problem just today and I'm glad your thread gave me the idea of getting an older version of the app. is very outdated so I gave a try (no reason, just picked out a more recent version, randomly). Can confirm it works.
Hope this helps 😄

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tnx! also just going to downgrade to that version.