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Windows 10 Game Bar Doesn't work with Family Premium Account

Windows 10 Game Bar Doesn't work with Family Premium Account




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Windows 10 Home 1903 May Update


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I have found what i suspect is a bug of sorts in the Spotify Widget for the Windows 10 Game Bar. When i'm logged into Spotify with my Premium Family account the Widget does not give me control over the Tracks, it simply sits there asking me to launch Spotify, when infact it's launched and will even launch the app if it isn't already open. If i sign out of Spotify and sign back in with a Non-Premium account I'm given full track control as expectedPremium AccountPremium AccountNon-PremiumNon-Premium

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Doesn't work for me either.

I just so happen to have figured it out.


The problem was that I initially signed in with my free account, and linked it to that. This gave the Game bar access to spotify, on my free account only. 


In other words, login to, go to Apps and check that Xbox Game Bar is present on your premium account. If it isn't that's why it's not working. I had to login to my free account, remove the Xbox Game Bar access from Apps (See Attached).


Once that was done I launched the spotify widget, signed in with the correct account and gave Xbox Game Bar access to Spotify.


It is present on my Premium account. Unfortunately, your solution didn't work for me @Shemone.

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