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Windows 10 app won't update the recently played artists at all.

Windows 10 app won't update the recently played artists at all.

Windows 10 app (version hasn't updated the front-page where it's supposed to show recently listened at all lately (gone actually for many months, I think this started late last year).

First of all, whenever I used my iPhone or iPad it would indicate the recently listened but Windows 10 app started to show the same info with delay, it only showed stuff that I had listened longer time ago. First I think it was stuck for months like with 5-6 items. Little by little the list did empty a bit,  but it hasn't updated at all and been stuck now with 1 playlist (called New Indie Music Friday).

Will be this be corrected and fixed soon?










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Hey @Samppa3,


Thanks for posting! There are some known issues with the recently played section on desktop that some users have been reporting. If you could please vote and leave feedback in this thread that would be much appreciated! 

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Ok, I will vote and leave feedback. I just can't believe this bug has been there for over 5 months and Spotify still hasn't done anything regarding it.

Have to seriously think of going to other services that take better care of their product and it's customers.

This has been going on forever and continues to be ignored by poor development. I'm ready to switch to Apple Music. I can't quite wrap my head around ignoring something so obvious? It literally is the first thing that pops up when you launch the app. There is no excuse for this and the fact that you continue to sweep it under the rug is embarrassing. 

I'm tired of "voting" for features that should be obvious bug fixes. Why would you ignore an obvious bug and treat it as a suggested feature add?

Time abort from this sinking ship. I see no reason to continue subscription, I've been loyal customer since the birth of Spotify but now it's time to say goodbye.

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