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Windows 7 - spotifu is uninstaling themself after few minutes...

Windows 7 - spotifu is uninstaling themself after few minutes...

Hi guys.
First of all i wanna say that i'm spotify premium user for couple of years and i love it!
But unfortunetly after this sweet time bad time comes.

My spotify - desktop version is disapearing...
no errors, no messages, spotify just stop playing and when im trying to start applications again windows is saying - that shortcut is appeals to application that doesnt exist....

After reinstallation spotify plays few songs, then disappears again.
By disappearing i mean - spotify's folder in program files just vanishes...


ps. sorry for my english 😉

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any1 :(?


thx for help.....

I'm having the same issue, after trying to install the app acouple times the problem persists, can anyone give a gidding light on this issue?

Same here, too. Been having this for the last two weeks or so. Very disturbing and disappointing. Should we try to completely deinstall and install a new version?

i allready tryied completely deinstall. deleted all folders, etc

didnt help

Can anyone help us?

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