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Windows App response is slow and jerky

Windows App response is slow and jerky






HP ZBook Studio, 16GB RAM, Intel i7-6820HQ

Operating System

Windows 10 Pro, v.18362.295


My Question or Issue

User interface is slow and jerky.


- When using volume slider to change volume the slider kind of jumps around.

- If I click on the slider it jumps to the click only to jump back again.

- When changing volume with the slider it often behave like a regulator. It's slowly changing to the selected voulme level. It can take 3-4 seconds to reach selected level.

- When clicking on the time progress bar for the song currently playing the bar jumps to the selection only to jump back instantly.

- When pressing play/pause in the app nothing happens for a few seconds. It can take up to 4-5 seconds before the app recognises the click. If I use my keyboards music control buttons (play/pause) the response is instant. Same thing happens when using buttons for next/previous song. In UI it take some seconds but with keyboard it's instant.


I've recognised the same behavior on several other computers so I cannot be the only one experiencing these problems.

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Hey there @Snurrboroger,

thanks for posting !


I recommend a few simple steps to understand why you're having an issue with the app :


- Quick reinstall of the app

- Make sure Spotify has all permissions needed under any firewall/anti-virus

- Audio drivers are updated properly

- Use it on different devices (not another PC)

- Use it on a different network

- Try using this Microsoft Version 


Let me know how it goes 🙂


Tested all that allready. Unfortunately nothing of it help.

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