Windows Desktop App "Song is not available"


Windows Desktop App "Song is not available"


I am trying to listen to the new music friday playlist and a ton of songs are not playing. They all say "this song is not available. if you have the file on your computer you can import it". It seems to be completely random which songs say this and which ones play normally. It also appears every song on the new Beck album is also saying this. Please help!!! I gotta hear this new album! haha.

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I have the same issue with all Beck music.  Also David Bowie and ProbCause wont play.  Ive seen other report bands like Metalica but that one works for me. I have the issue on mobile and desktop.  If I use spotify connect, it will play the music through other devices.  Also, I can download the music but it still wont play, even if offline.  

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Im having the same issue, using all the platforms (iPhone, WIN computer and browser)