Windows/Ubuntu Laptop shared cache


Windows/Ubuntu Laptop shared cache


I run spotify on my Windows/Ubuntu dual boot travel laptop. Since I don't always have an internet connection, I rely on the offline mode; but on the other hand, laptop hard drives are expensive and my diskspace is way too limited to download the music twice -- is there any chance I can share the cache between the Windows and the Linux installation? I do have a shared partition...

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I guess you have to experiment yourself a bit, if it works!



in your linux desktop client you can see where the files storage is (1)

so you can put this on a drive where your windows can also access it

2. also these dirs (2) in linux may be important for you


tell us if you have success!

(and long-term: don't use windows ;-) )



(1) e.g. /home/your_user/.cache/spotify/Storage




Re: Windows/Ubuntu Laptop shared cache


You can actually even change where Spotify caches the files. But once you use the same cache for both installations, the client will no longer load properly. All you get is a large black window with the play controls at the bottom.


And dropping Windows is not an option, sadly.