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Windows Unable to play current song

Windows Unable to play current song

Using Windows desktop player and am routinely told that Spotify cannot play current song about 6-7 seconds into the song. 

Ive tried all the other troubleshooting for this issue:

Logged out of everywhere

Reinstalled fresh app

rebooted computer

messed with all the settings in the app 

Nothing seems to help.

Ive been a premium user for about 3 years at this point and haven't had any trouble anywhere but the windows app starting a couple months ago.

getting really tired of it.

Currently using on Windows 7 Enterprise

2 Replies

I have the exact same problem. Have tried:

- Reinstalling the app
- Clearing cache
- Online/offline usage

...same result.

Never had this problem before (several years of service).

Current workaround is to have the web player open in a minimized browser and stream audio from the Windows app to the web player. This seems to stop the "unable to play current song" issues.

I do this because the Windows app is so much more versatile than the web player.



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