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Worse Quality than Deezer! >:-(


Worse Quality than Deezer! >:-(

Hey guys!


I am really disapointed! I just compared my Spotify-Premium with Deezer and came to the conlusion, that the same track sounds ways better on Deezer. Could you please tell me why I'm paying the same price for worse quality?


Best regards



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Hey there,


Just verifying, you're using HQ? See your quality in Edit - Preferences.





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Hey there,


Just verifying, you're using HQ? See your quality in Edit - Preferences.





Yes I've set HQ streaming. Just compare it on your own and you will come to the same conclusion.

Try turning off both Enable Hardware Acceleration and Set the same volume level for all tracks - In very rare cases, these cause sound problems.

You might also want to check to see if you have any Audio enhancements turned on over at Control Panel > Sound > Manage Audio Devices > Properties > Enhancements.
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Deezer has great audio quality.

Im not saying Spotify is bad at all, but I tested few songs and the clarity on Deezer was great.


I have paid Premium here till next january but I might take Deezer as 2nd option and use it with Spotify.


Agreed.  I've been using Spotify premium and Deezer premium+ services playing on Sonos digitally connected to a Cyrus 6 DAC amplifier for three months now.  For compressed services the quality on both is excellent, but I have to say that Deezer has the edge.

All of this debate about audio quality between Spotify and Deezer is purely academic. I must admit, I was intrigued to read that Deezer might sound better than Spotify, so downloaded their iOS app to my iPad and iPhone 5 to test it out. It crashes constantly on the iPhone. Therefore I very soon deleted it and realised that, for now at least, I was very happy to continue giving Spotify my tenner a month for a decent iOS streaming service that NEVER crashes. Plus, I stream Spotify via Bluetooth to my fairly decent hi-fi set-up at home - and while this may make audiophiles wince (ie delivering music via the lossy streams of Spotify and the lossy wireless tech that is Bluetooth) the resulting tunes sound perfectly fine to my ears. Then again, I really must make that doc's appointment to get my lugs syringed soon 😉


Also - if people are *that* bothered by audio quality - and they are playing Spotify through a £20k + Linn hi-fi system or whatnot - ummm, JUST BUY THE STUFF ON VINYL OR DOWNLOAD THE STUDIO MASTERS THEN!

Deezer app is currently streaming at 128kbps bitrates. Although they are introducing a new update to address HQ audio soon.

Currently only and Sonos are streaming at 320kbps for premium + customer.

Deezer has better functionality on Sonos than Spotify. Deezer's Artist Radio on Sonos just pure awesome!

Yeah spotify just lost a customer, I dont have an awesome hifi setup, but it is decent in the 5k$ range, and I was kindda content with spotify, love the software and ease of use and for background listening it was ok, overall better than most, but not all youtube songs running through a DAC


but holy mother of God the sound quality at deezer is crushing spotify for everyone with a decent hifi setup, it makes spotify sound like a poor 64 kbps mp3 file


normally I would just close my account and be happy, but if spotify ever get close to the sound quality at Deezer I will come back in a heartbeat because of your software.

I have to agree with the consensus here. Having just been seduced by the deezer half price offer for their premium offering, i've been running both Spotify and deezer back to back through a pair of studio monitors. While I don't think it's as black and white as some have suggested in this thread there is a clear winner in the detail department. Deezer sounds fab and now it's half the price of my spotify premium service it's a no brainer!

I used Deezer in the past and moved to Spotify, is it just me or does the Deezer app is underpowered. I doesn't have the technological edge and features as compared to spotify. And don't get me started about the Deezer web interface, which is like the only interface to use Deezer. The mobile app on iOS is really limited as compared to Spotify too.

Anyone has my back on this? Just my 2 cents on what I found.
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The original poster could very well be trolling for Deezer.

Deezer has better quality even on the free plan. Tried it, and it looks like music just became live again. Spotify has the better apps, but in terms of quality, Deezer crushes it.

This is a know issue to me and I agree sadly, Google music and Deezer have better sound quality, I was testing the 3 services today with the song Uprising from Muse.
Spotify seems to have a bit lesser volume but even If you turn it up it sounds less airy and more compressed than the other 2.
Deezer and Google are on the same level from what I've heard.
There is something spotify is doing wrong with the compression or it is the 320 Ogg verbis itself that performs worse than 320 MP3s.
It's a shame because spotify has the best apps and features.

But I'm not experiencing the same difference with all the albums/tacks, for example testing The Wall 2011 remaster from Pink Floyd I get completely different results, spotify sounds even better than Deezer in this case.
So it's not an issue related to the whole catalog apparently.

I recently got the V20 phone with a Quad DAC. I am comparing Deezer Premium and Spotify Premium through 3 headphones ranging from a £30 Sennheiser set to a £100+ B & O in-ear to a Sennheiser HD 598SE £200 set. In all cases, the quality of  Deezer is noticeably better than Spotify. The quality is better - so much more depth to the music.

The only major plus point of Spotify is in its accessibility - easily the best: I can stream it on all of my devices around the house

I find that Spotify offers worst quality than Google Play Music as well. I am bit dissapointed with Spotify, not sure if I'll keep paying the premium 

Deezer is what spotify used to be. I am switching to Deezer. Spotify used to show how much each song is being played. Not anymore. Spotify used to have a playlist that was constantly updated and it was called "the top 100 tracks on spotify. They replaced it with "top hits"...its a list of where they take money from!


Spotify sucks...deezer rocks!!

the guy who say buy vinyl, nope. i use normal 200$ headphones with an amp, and i was a deezer premium member for 6 months now i switched to spotify, because somehow the deezer web player keep stopping the music all the time and i have to close and open the browser every time it does that, now i switched to spotify because of the pc software that i loved and i am seriously dissapointed how veil the music sound compared to deezer, i clearly notice it on my relativly cheap setup. so no, you don't have to have a 20k+ audio set to notice the differance.

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