Yet another radio problem


Yet another radio problem










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Another day another update another radio problem

Can someone please clarify once and for all what on earth is going on with the radio (or lack of)

There are posts every day with issues and yet nobody is giving a definitive answer as to what is going on

Is radio removed?Why does it work for some and not others?How is it supposed to function now if it has been changed?Whats the point in it if it doesnt work?

Another update happened today and now version it is **bleep** yet again.

At first when it updated,the ability to right click a song or artist and go to its/their radio station disappeared

2 hours later i just checked again and now that function has come back,however,under the radio category,all of my previous stations have disappeared and now the space where they were is replaced by a list of reccomended stations of which i have no idea where they came from or have no interest in at all

Can someone please clarify once and for all what on earth is going on and maybe put a stop to all of these posts every day asking the same question and then everything will be in one place because at the minute there are so many different answers all claiming different info,including supposedly from spotify,yet none seem to answer the question of what is happening and why the radio keeps getting messed up.

People are paying you money for this service and you are just pissing them about !!!

And i want my fecking radio stations back that have been replaced with dross that you now have recomended instead !!

And by radio functionality and stations,i dont mean some ready made curated shite playlist that you have decided that i want to listen too and that i cant thumbs up or down on.

The so called info from spotify here is useless as create new station doesnt even exist anymore


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Re: Yet another radio problem


I have chatted with the support and they have confirmed that "Radio" and "Stations" will be deleted. Only artists will be able to create stations, users will not be able to do so. But the "stations" will only be a playlist with songs. A normal playlist of 50 songs. The "artists" and "stations" menu is temporary and will be deleted.

Another functionality that Spotify eliminates.


Re: Yet another radio problem


If this is true then that really sucks **bleep**

But if this is the case,then why according to them,is it under investigation and also why in the newest update today does it have a list of reccomended radio stations if radio has been removed

I believe the answer is depending on who you speak to at "support" because none of them seem to know what the **bleep** is going on

Again just one more reason that changelogs should be provided but that is just ignored also.