Your Music Failed to load/Browse not loading since 11 July 2014


Your Music Failed to load/Browse not loading since 11 July 2014

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I'm very new to all of this (spotify) and it might be that my problem is already mentioned somewhere (though I couldn't find it).

This morning all was well, but now I have lost all of 'my music'. Playlists are intact. This is on my laptop. However, all the albums listed in 'my music' are present on my smartphone... So somehow they've disappeared on my desktop... If I save/add an album, the 'my music' tabs still show the message 'couldn't load your music' (well, in dutch). 'Load again' doesn't do the trick. Also, the browse page won't stop loading, i.e. nothing happens...

Ideas anyone?!


EDIT:Subject changed to make topic cleare. Original subject "Lost My Music".


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The solution that 2frozen put forth worked for me as well on my mac and I'm fully funtional again.


The key part is to delete the cache files as just re-installing spotify (at least for me) didn't do it.  You can find the location of your cache files by looking in preferences->cache. If you search in the finder on the mac it won't find them since they are hidden files. However you can adjust that in your finder search by clicking the "+" under the search bar, then in the bar that appears change "kind" to "file visability" (or go into other... and select "file visable" if that option doesn't show),  and in the bar that will now say "visable" change that to "visable and invisable". 


The two folders I deleted were:




Hope that's of some help. I ran into this suggestion in another thread but since I failed to find and delete the cache files on my first try it didn't work. Now all is well. Good luck!

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As other Users have already acknowledged deleting the contents of the folder %UserProfile%\AppData\Local\Spotify fixes the issue under Windows 8.1. No reinstall needed - just close Spotify before deleting.

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