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can I share my local files to my family?

can I share my local files to my family?

May people from my family account can access my local files? If so, how to do it?

6 Replies

Family members can add local files to a private account by signing into their account on the computer which has the local files stored, then follow the steps provided here to add the files templates to their Spotify account.

Hi, pauloneves


In addition to what olivia_f told you, from my experience, this is what y'all should also do.


Make a separate local files playlist (other than Spotify's) for the local file songs that you want to be able to listen to in your playlists (including your "Liked Songs" playlist).

When you're in the same WI-FI as your computer, download that playlist for offline play, and keep it downloaded. Those local files that are in other playlists will be playable offline, too.


If your family members have the same exact songs, from the same exact albums in their computers, and they make the exact same local files playlist, as you did, and download it, they should be able to play those local files songs in your playlists, as well as any playlists that they add them to, from their end.


BUT, for them to be able to play those local file songs in your playlists, they also need to go to "Settings", to turn on "Show unplayable songs". You have to do the same, in order to play those local files (that you've both uploaded) in their playlists.


I hope that helps. If so, please add this as a solution.


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is there a way to automaticaly search out the songs i have in my local files so they become spotify songs so i can get rid of the files and only have spotify songs? or do i have to search out each file in spotify?

Hi, pgarvie


I'm not completely sure what you mean by automatically, but if you had your local files downloaded, you can search for and play only your local files (and anything that you download if you have premium), if you select "Offline mode" in "Settings",  but they won't become part of Spotify's library because of it.

Maybe if you rephrase your question, I or someone else can give a better answer.

Other than that, I think you might be wanting to get some songs added to Spotify's library.

Here's a request from. It's not guaranteed, though.


I hope this solves your problem.

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no sorry i mean to have spotify search for the song on the spotify network so i dont have to have the local files any more

I'm still not sure what you mean, but I'll guess that you might mean that you want Spotify to add the song to the application.

There is a music request form, for that. It's not guaranteed, though. Check the link, below.

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